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FAQ for Users

How can I benefit from staking with GenieFarms?

GenieFarms offers lucrative staking opportunities, allowing you to earn rewards by locking up tokens. It's a fantastic way to generate passive income while supporting your favorite projects.

Which tokens can I stake on GenieFarms?

We partner with a diverse range of projects, ensuring there are staking opportunities for various interests and investment strategies. Check our platform regularly for the latest staking pools.

What are the risks associated with staking?

While staking can offer attractive rewards, it's not without risk. Market volatility can affect the value of your staked tokens. However, Genie emphasizes security and project vetting to mitigate such risks.

Can I unstake my tokens anytime?

Each staking pool may have different terms, including lock-up periods. We encourage you to read the specific conditions for each pool before staking your tokens.

How does Genie ensure the security of staked tokens?

Security is our top priority. GenieFarms is backed by top audits and a commitment to best-in-class security practices. Rest assured, we take every measure to protect your assets.

FAQ for Founders

What is GenieFarms, and how can it benefit my project?

GenieFarms seamlessly integrates staking pools for existing ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens, enhancing token utility, increasing token value, and optimizing resources. It's a brilliant solution designed to lock up more of your token, thereby boosting your Total Value Locked (TVL) and community engagement.

How does GenieFarms work?

GenieFarms allows you to tap into our pre-configured staking pools, where you can easily set up staking rewards for your token holders. This feature is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring you can integrate staking into your project with minimal technical expertise.

What are the requirements for integrating my project with GenieFarms?

Your project must have an ERC-20/BEP-20 compatible token. Additionally, we look for projects that align with our values of simplicity, accessibility, and security. Please reach out to us for a full list of technical and community engagement criteria.

Can GenieFarms help in marketing my project?

Absolutely! By leveraging GenieFarms, you're not just offering additional utility to your token but also engaging with Genie's vibrant community. This integration can serve as a powerful marketing tool, showcasing your commitment to providing value to your token holders.

What are the costs associated with using GenieFarms?

We pride ourselves on transparency and accessibility. While specific costs may vary based on the complexity of your integration and desired reward structures, we aim to keep fees low. Contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your project.

What makes GenieFarms special?

- High security due to audits - API can be individually chosen by the founder - Fully decentralized - Project can run the staking on their own website with a widget, so GenieSwap isn’t mentioned anywhere, our tech just runs in the background - Double incentive for Genie Holders, because $GENIE can be thrown in the staking too to receive more yield

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